Gonstead Technique

Dr. Barnes explaining x-ray findings

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, the founder of the Gonstead System, graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1923. In the years following graduation, he used his background in mechanical engineering to broaden the principles of chiropractic. Dr. Gonstead developed a system that first specifically analyzes the function of the spine and nerves, and then along with x-ray findings allows the doctor to deliver a precise, carefully controlled adjustment. Dr. Gonstead practiced for over 55 years and in that time had many accomplishments. With his passion in caring for all ages of people from all over the world, he was able to build the largest chiropractic practice which still exists today (see photo). Dr. Gonstead was known as the "chiropractor's chiropractor", and worked at all hours of the night, 7 days per week. His brilliance (and passion for his work) allowed him to see over 1 million patients over the course of his career while refining his method which is taught to doctors and students all over the world. Dr. Gonstead also developed the full spine x-ray, a heat detection instrument (nervoscope) and specific tables used for adjustments.

Specialized training is required by your Gonstead chiropractor beyond the knowledge gained in chiropractic school. The training consists of hundreds of hours of seminar work study in adjusting technique, analysis as well as specialized case management of a variety of health conditions. (For more information about this specialized training, visit Gonstead Seminars).

What Dr. Gonstead left behind is a legacy; a system of chiropractic used to find and help correct the cause of spinal and extremity problems as well as other health issues. Dr. Gonstead was known for his dedication and for his phenomenal ability for getting sick people well without drugs or surgery. That same passion that drove him, still fires the hearts of Gonstead chiropractors today.

Gonstead's Five Criteria

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Static Palpatation
  3. Motion Palpatation
  4. Visualization
  5. X-Ray Analysis

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